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Projecto IMAN - Intervenção Mulheres Autónomas do Norte (Project IMAN – Northern Independent Women’s Action) [T.N]

Project IMAN was developed by UMAR as a Project to stop violence against women. The project's main goal was to promote autonomous ways of life for women who were victims of violence, as well as to promote equal opportunities for men and women. The actions within the project's scope took place between September 2003 and August 2005.
Project IMAN was sponsored by axis 4.4. Promoção da Igualdade de Oportunidades entre Homens e Mulheres (Promotion of Equal Opportunities between Men and Women, [T.N.]) from POEFDS - Programa Operacional Emprego, Formação e Desenvolvimento Social (Operational Programm Employment, Training and Social Development [T.N.]), typology Pequena Subvenção às ONG's (NGO's Small Subvention [T.N.]).

The Project's scope:

  • Victims' support provided by two attendance centers (Porto and Guarda);
  • Training actions developed for professionals who work at shelters;
  • Initiatives developed for teachers and students at schools, for the civil society and its main institutions to prevent violence;
  • Accomplishment of a study on jurisprudence in what concerns violence against women;
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Specific aims:

  • To achieve different attitudes about violence against women;
  • To enable women who are victims of violence to live their lives autonomously, knowing their rights as women and as citizens;
  • To raise awareness within public institutions for the reality of violence against women;
  • To make visible the concrete application of the law at work at Porto's Judicial District, specifically in what concerns the defense of the victims' rights;
  • To set out good practices and promote them next to those who work with the law.

Intervention strategies:

The project was based in participative methods. All of those who deal professionally with victims of violence were asked to help delineating the specific intervention strategies that were carried out.

Multiple partnerships were established with different institutions (Social Security, Shelters, Juntas de Freguesia, Centro de Emprego (Employment Office), Social Work Institutions...)

In case of victims' protection/support, potentially dangerous situations were evaluated and, when necessary, the victim was directed to the hospital, to the police or to the court. Similarly, a safety plan was elaborated to allow the victims to be protected. In the cases where permanent support was required, women were sent to the institution that better fit their needs (there they could have judicial, psychological and/or social support).

Project IMAN provided two distinct training events to the Technical Team. In these events, several issues were addressed: Theoretical Conceptualization of Violence; Different knowledge and points of view (whether medical, social, psychological or judicial knowledge); Work with institutions who deal with violence (Social Security, Family and Children Support Project; Women's Rights Committee; Shelters).

Similarly, Project IMAN developed actions to raise awareness along with local services such as municipalities. As for the prevention of domestic violence, Project IMAN started a training action to teenagers and teachers belonging to a School District. This process started in 2004/2005 and it is still taking place.

Final Evaluation Report

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