Chronicle about the International Summer Camp of the project “Venues of victims // Venues of perpetrators”
conica croacia 1Chronicle "The Persistent History. Chronicle of a journey through the (history of) Croatia" of Leonor Rosas, student of Political Science and International Relations at FCSH-UNL, selected by UMAR to be one of the 60 young participants in the International Summer Camp held in Croatia from 18th to 31st of August 2018, of the Erasmus+ project "Venues of Victims // Venues (European) Youth Work" coordinated by the German foundation Europäische Jugendbildungs- und Jugendbegegnungsstätte Weimar - EJBW and the Croatian association Documenta – Centre for Dealing with the Past.

The text translation to English was done by Joana Sales, the representative of UMAR – União de Mulheres Alternativa e Resposta (in English, Women's Association Alternative and Response), the Portuguese partner of this project, in a total of 12 european institutions.

In a reflection on nationalism, fascism, state socialism and war, Leonor Rosas, recounts this two-week experience in Croatia - having visited Zagreb, Jasenovac, Vukovar, Pula, Goli Otok, Brujini, Rijeka and Lipa - while analyzing in what way this recent independent state is currently dealing with its collective memory and how this one is represented in museums and public spaces.
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"At the end of these two weeks, I am fully convinced that without recognition of their past and without an education that efficiently prevents their repetition, Croatia (and many other countries) will hardly have a future of peace and democracy. It is increasingly necessary to deconstruct the nationalist and fascist narratives and to teach the new generations to do so that no more atrocities are committed in this region in the name of an ethnic group or a nation."

Worth reading this feedback about the Croatia's Summer Camp!

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